A study of nurse retention in long-term care

Courtney J. Capotosta, Gardner-Webb University


There is an increasing need for health care providers in the long-term care industry, due to elevated turnover rates and the growing number of aging baby boomers in the United States. In July 2008, the American Health Care Association released a report stating that more than 19,400 RN vacancies exist in long-term care settings (American Association of Colleges of Nursing). Most research in retention rates in long-term care has primarily focused on the certified nursing assistance, and less research has been focused on nurses. The purpose of this proposed study is to explore level of empowerment of nurses working in long-term care. The questionnaire that was utilized to collect this data was the Condition of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire (CWEQ-1). The survey was completed by 30 nurses currently employed in a long-term care setting by a convenience sample. Results of the study reveal moderate levels of empowerment.