What are African Americans' Diagnosed with Type I or Type II Diabetes Mellitus Perceptions about Diet and Medication Management in Relation to Stress and Coping Mechanisms

Latasha Gooden, Gardner-Webb University


The American Diabetes Association (2013b) reports that excessive stress works against diabetes management by increasing blood glucose levels, inciting negative emotions, and alluring obsessive poor eating habits. The purpose of this research study was to evaluate the perceptions of African Americans diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes mellitus about their diet and medication management in relation to stress and coping mechanisms. The results of this study show a significant relationship between stress and diet/medication regimen and coping and diet/medication regimen. The findings suggest that African American perceptions' about stress in relation to diabetes must be identified and addressed in order for more interventions, strategies, and coping mechanisms based upon current evidence-based research and practice to be implemented by nurses, healthcare providers, clients, families, and communities to assist with optimizing clients' overall health, well-being, satisfaction, and quality of life.