Exploration of the Factors that Affect Nurse Job Satisfaction and the Relationship to Generational Cohort Views

Karla Lamb, Gardner-Webb University


This research examined the factors that affect nursing job satisfaction and the generational differences of those factors, using Marilyn Ray's theory of bureaucratic caring. The study utilized the McCloskey/Mueller Satisfaction Scale (MMSS) to determine factors associated with nurse job satisfaction. The sample included 52 nurses invited to participate through the researchers social media account. Of the 52 nurses, three generations were represented in the study; Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Generation Y. There were no significant relationships found between the nurses' generational viewpoint and the factors that affect job satisfaction. Overall the nurses surveyed in this study were satisfied in their current position. Nurses in this study rated the factors that affected nurse job satisfaction in the following order; co-worker interaction, interaction opportunities, scheduling, praise and recognition, control and responsibility, extrinsic rewards, balancing family and work, and professional development.