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Helping students to envision working with a variety of clients and client systems is an essential component to the helping profession. The case study analysis system is accompanied by a case scenario on a client or client system (ex. client family). The analysis allows a student to dig through what might be occurring in the case as well as focus on positives such as past successes or client strengths. This assists the student in developing a well-rounded case plan that considers the client circumstances, what resources are available in the student’s community, and thinking through what might happen if the client doesn’t comply. Furthermore, students are asked to consider what professional skills they personally possess that would assist with the specific client scenario. The case study analysis is used throughout multiple classes in the program, enabling students to gain practice with a variety of scenarios, and build upon their own confidence in how to work with future clients.

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Case study, case review, case scenario


Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Human Services Case Study Analysis