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Tracy Arnold


In order for new graduate nurses to practice confidently, senior nursing students must be adequately prepared to assume the role of a nurse in a professional setting. This study, using the Casey-Fink Readiness for Practice Survey, focused on identifying senior Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students’ level of comfort/confidence performing various skills and perception of readiness for practice as new graduate nurses. All participants had recently completed their senior preceptorship course. Participants completed the survey and descriptive statistics were used to analyze data, while free response answers were studied and key words were identified to categorize responses into themes. The results of the study revealed that students felt confident in their communication, problem solving, and decision making skills; however, they did not feel entirely prepared to enter the nursing profession. Senior BSN students and new graduate nurses alike reported similar skills as being difficult to independently perform, and students also felt less comfortable caring for multiple patients at a given time.

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