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Benjamin Brooks


Excerpt from Purpose and Hypothesis

The purpose of this thesis is to determine the ability of a particular metal-organic framework (MOF), Cr(II)-BTC, to adsorb ammonia (NH3) gas. This particular MOF was chosen for this study due to the Cr having open metal sites, which are generally suitable locations for ammonia adsorption as seen in other MOFs.1,2,3 This study will be done by testing Cr(II)-BTC’s ability to adsorb as well as another MOFs ability to adsorb ammonia. From this data, the ability of Cr(II)-BTC to adsorb ammonia repeatedly and under dry or humid conditions will also be determined. Finally, the MOFs practical uses for adsorption will also be examined. My hypothesis is that Cr(II)-BTC (Figure 1.1) may work as an adsorbent for ammonia, but it is unclear if it will work as an adsorbent under all conditions.