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Meredith Rowe


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Hamstring injuries are among the most common muscular injuries sustained by athletes across multiple levels of various sports (Askling et al). Most hamstring injuries occur during similar movements and under similar conditions, where the muscle is required to be explosive. Thus, athletes that participate in sports where “sprinting, kicking, or high-speed skilled movements” are required, experience an increased likelihood of suffering a hamstring injury (Erickson and Sherry). After injury, athletes are then subjected to different methods of rehabilitation to heal and strengthen the afflicted area. However, some athletes take longer than others to return and impatience may lead to a premature return to sport. Further compounding the importance of adequate rehabilitation, Erickson and Sherry’s research has determined that after an athlete is cleared to return, approximately one-third of hamstring injuries will recur with the risk being higher during the first two weeks.