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Winter 2018

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Meredith Rowe


The purpose of this thesis is to serve as systematic literature review that provides a background on regenerative therapy in dentistry, as well as proposing the need for continued research. Regenerative dentistry has great potential for stem cell use. Stem cells of many types have the capability of self-renewal and differentiation into multiple cell types. With stem cell-based regeneration, dentistry can grow exponentially with the implementation whole-tooth replacement, pulp regeneration, periodontium regeneration, enamel regeneration, and dentin regeneration. Furthermore, utilizing various biomaterial scaffolds and inducing growth factor activity has been demonstrated to aid in regenerative efforts. Issues of regenerative therapies must also be considered. Once all methods, techniques, and issues have been developed and resolved, the future implications of regenerative dentistry may then be considered. There currently appears to be great promise in regenerative dentistry. Before the field can make an official emergence, more research and studies must be conducted.

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