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Elizabeth Amato


Friedrich Nietzsche is the last of the modern philosophers. His philosophy has influenced fields such as literature, psychology, and ethics. Nietzsche’s philosophy on ethics is primarily what will be covered. Nietzsche wishes to sever the connection between western civilization and God. He sees that people may no longer believe in God, but they still follow Christian morality. Nietzsche argues for a new morality, one humanity will create themselves. His famous line “God is dead” is an expression of what humanity needs to do with God. Nietzsche then argues the Overman will take over humanity, leading towards a world with a tyrannical leader. Nietzsche’s philosophy is everywhere in the modern world and people do not realize how much it is. Different thinkers have argued against Nietzschean philosophy and his stance on ethics. Thomas Aquinas, Soren Kierkegaard, C.S Lewis, and Alexis De Tocqueville have arguments against Nietzsche. Each of these thinkers will be used to argue against Nietzschean philosophy on law, God, and morality.

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