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Charles Moore


This thesis covers the growing movement of Protestantism amongst Hispanics in the United States. Although significant growth in this movement has occurred in the 21st century, the roots of this movement come from the early 20th century and started in Latin America. Today, more and more Hispanics are converting from Catholicism to Protestantism. Furthermore, more Hispanics are immigrating to the United States and may struggle to find a sense of belonging in their new home due to language and cultural barriers. This is where Hispanic churches rise to the occasion as they provide a place in which Hispanics can connect with others of similar cultures and speak the same language. With more immigrants coming in and the projected growth of Hispanics and the number of Spanish speakers in the United States, it is crucial that more churches are made. One might ask why, as churches are often thought of as only being used for religious purposes. Instead, Hispanic Protestant churches benefit immigrants by providing a community and other essential services that they may need to adjust to a new life and life in general. Some services include providing English classes, providing mental health support, and providing support for domestic abuse. The only way these churches can help Hispanics is if more of them are planted, which requires time, planning, and support from the local community and other churches for these new churches to come to life.