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Much has been written about the competencies and characteristics of a leader. However, there is little on the topic of followers. Who are those that follow? Are there different types of followers? How does a good leader develop the skills and competencies of their followers to make the organization great? Rosenblatt has developed a matrix that shares the types of followers based on two continuum -- relationship initiative and the other performance initiative. Other authors have described key competencies of followers. John Maxwell in the 360 degree Leader shares a second premise -- you may lead from the middle. His five levels of leadership correspond with the Rosenblatt's types of followers. Are there tools or surveys that would aid a leader in identifying where a follower is on the continuum? What are the advantages of knowing where some one is on these continuums? Finally, using the work of Rath and Conchie, one is able to identify strengths of a leader and follower and how to max-imize organizational performance using the Clifton Strengths Test.

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