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Fall 2022

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

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Sophia Steibel


The spiritual formation process can be clearly viewed through the lives of those who lived during the biblical era. People desire to change; however, the problem is that they do not know how because training in the spiritual formation process is not present within many churches today. This project was designed to train selected Sunday School teachers of Ellis Chapel Baptist Church through a four-week spiritual transformation process, hoping to strengthen their understanding of becoming image-bearers and practitioners of the Gospel that Jesus taught and exemplified. Through utilizing spiritual disciplines in journaling, training sessions, and assessments, selected teachers became aware of how important it is to receive training in biblical concepts and stories to awaken their hearts and minds regarding God’s activities in daily life. Participants also considered the Holy Spirit's role in the transformation process.

This project engaged three different groups. Two experimental groups received training, but only experimental group B practiced the disciplines and journaled. The control group was from the larger population and received neither training nor practice. The statistical analysis indicated that the experimental group that practiced and journaled scored higher on the post-test results, strengthening the hypothesis that practices increase the possibility of spiritual transformation.

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