Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Sydney Brown


This mixed methods program evaluation examined teacher and administrator perceptions regarding fidelity of implementation of components of the teacher evaluation program with middle school special education teachers. These components include pre-conferences, observations, and post-conferences; summary evaluations; and professional development plans. Incorporating evidence from qualitative interviews with school-based administrators, qualitative focus groups with special education teachers, and a quantitative survey with special education teachers, this study found that fidelity of implementation of the components of teacher evaluation is impacted by evaluator capacity. Capacity is defined as both, time to engage in the components of teacher evaluation and professional knowledge of special education. The study found that school administrators want to engage fully in the evaluation process with fidelity but often believed they lack the time to do so. The study found that increased evaluator knowledge of teaching special education was warranted to enable evaluators to provide specific actionable feedback to special education teachers. Quality feedback is necessary as part of the evaluation process to facilitate professional growth. The findings of this study suggested actions school administrators can take at the school-based level, such as improving time management, increasing their own professional knowledge, and effective utilization of other professionals to assist with teacher feedback and professional development.

This study suggested that improving the fidelity of implementation of the components that comprise teacher evaluation could result in professional growth of special education teachers, increased competence, and improved self-efficacy.

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