Date of Award

Spring 2024

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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Kathy Revis


This dissertation presents a qualitative case study investigating the influence of cognitive coaching on elementary international teachers within a southeastern school district. Guided by four research questions, the study delved into the experiences and perceptions of international teachers participating in cognitive coaching sessions, aiming to elucidate the influence of this professional development approach on instructional practices, classroom management, communication/language barriers, and the delivery of instruction. Through in-depth semi-structured interviews, data were collected and analyzed to address the research questions. Findings revealed that cognitive coaching strategies play a pivotal role in enhancing instructional practices, fostering effective classroom management techniques, overcoming communication/language barriers, and refining the delivery of instruction among international teachers. Participants articulated a deepened awareness of their internal thinking processes associated with cognitive coaching, highlighting its role in facilitating reflective teaching practices and empowering them to adapt instructional strategies to meet diverse student needs. Furthermore, the study uncovered both similarities and differences in the cognitive coaching needs of international teachers from various countries and sponsoring agencies, underscoring the importance of tailored professional development approaches to address diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. Additionally, international teachers identified specific areas where they perceive a need for additional support beyond cognitive coaching, including cultural competency training, language proficiency development, and resources for navigating administrative procedures. Overall, this dissertation contributes to a nuanced understanding of the influence of cognitive coaching on the professional growth and support needs of elementary international teachers.

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