Date of Award

Fall 2021

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Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Larry Putnam


This dissertation was designed to explore the advancement, obstacles, and barriers Black female educational leaders in Region X confront. The qualitative research examined 13 Black female educational leaders and teachers regarding the advancement and sustainability of Black female leaders despite obstacles and barriers. Participants were Region X administrators and educators. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and a focus group. The data were coded for common themes, assessed, and member checked. The findings revealed there is a need for informal and formal mentorship and networks to assist with navigating the obstacles and barriers in their leadership positions in Region X to advance and sustain in leadership. The dissertation builds on the literature related to the history of Black female educators, mentorship, barriers, and obstacles of Black female leaders in education. The end goal was to discover common challenges Black female leaders in educational leadership face in Region X and identify concepts in increasing the number of Black female leaders in the districts, along with support systems for survival and employment advancement opportunities.

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