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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Kathi Gibson


This research study analyzed the assistant principal mentoring programs directed by two school districts located in the southeastern United States. Digital questionnaires as well as face-to-face focus groups and interviews were used to obtain the perception of impact for protégés and mentors engaged in formal mentoring relationships. Mixed methodology was utilized to collect data. The study found significant impact regarding mentoring interactions for protégés. Feeling encouraged and supported by their mentor, protégés also trusted the anonymity of their relationship. Other findings include strong value for protégés in the areas of leadership skills, acclimation, and confidence. Additionally, the research study identified positive impacts for mentors who engaged in formal mentoring. Participants reported a greater sense of personal satisfaction as well as increased leadership skills based on their mentoring experience. Challenges to mentoring also surfaced from the study. Both protégés and mentors discussed proximity and time as obstacles to engaging in the supportive relationship. Finally, the research identified unfavorable experiences in which protégés and mentors attributed to the matching process and personalities of their counterpart.

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