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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jeffrey Hamilton


The purpose of the project was to expand the digital marketing efforts and volunteer reporting and training processes of a thriving nonprofit healthcare organization. In 2015, the organization had an aging Web presence, disparate marketing systems, and inconvenient volunteer reporting and training processes. The project consisted of four central goals: improve website content management and update processes, improve website usability and digital marketing efforts, improve volunteer documentation and reporting processes, and improve volunteer training processes through accessible education resources.

Utilizing a modest budget, the project team sought to improve marketing and information technology processes within the organization by implementing modern technology solutions, integrating systems, and providing convenient resources to stakeholders. The project resulted in a responsive website design, a reduction in ongoing website expenses, online event management and self-service ticketing for fundraising events, an email marketing and social media advertising strategy, HIPAA compliant volunteer reporting processes, and an online volunteer training program.

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