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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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James Palermo


The purpose of this study was to examine teacher reports and use of differentiation and to examine the use of technology in differentiated lessons. The researcher posed two questions: (a) What is the association between teacher reports of differentiation use and observed differentiation strategies used; and (b) How are teachers using the differentiation strategies of which they are aware when planning and implementing lessons that involve technology in the areas of content, process, product, and learning environment? This mixed-method study used three tools for data collection: a questionnaire, structured observation protocol, and a focus group. The questionnaire and observation protocol were previously used and validated by Hobson (2008) and Tomlinson (2000). Interview questions were developed from areas of the questionnaire and the observation form and asked specific questions about technology used for differentiation. Upon analysis of data, similarities of use of differentiation strategies in two particular areas of differentiation occurred. Technology use for differentiation was also used in these areas. Based on these results, the researcher was able to make recommendations regarding professional development, technology, and suggestions for further research.

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