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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Stephen Laws


In an urban school district, four high schools were studied in an effort to assess how Epstein’s (2001) six types of involvement were currently being experienced by parents. In a phenomenological study, this research gathered data on how parents of secondary students are currently experiencing their involvement with the high school. The research gathered quantitative and qualitative data from 443 parents through the use of a survey and focus group sessions over the course of 4 weeks. Parents expressed their current experiences with how they engage with the school concerning parenting practices, communication, learning at home, volunteering, decision-making, and collaborating with the community. Data exhibited schools in the setting have a strength in communicating noninstructional activities such as plays, musicals, and sporting events; however, recommendations were made on how these high schools could implement a more holistic approach to establishing Epstein’s (2001) School-Family-Community Partnership Model. Data from this setting, along with the findings and recommendations, are applicable to other urban school districts that are seeking to strengthen their communication and collaboration with outside stakeholders.

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