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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Kelly Gwaltney

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Frances Burch


This dissertation examined the Beginning Teacher Induction Program of a rural school system in North Carolina. The effects of mentoring, induction sessions, administrative support, ongoing staff development, and other support offered at the system level to beginning teachers were carefully analyzed.

The researcher used eight themes based on the objectives of the school system's Beginning Teacher Support Program: improving beginning teachers' skills and performance; supporting teacher morale; communications; collegiality; building a sense of professionalism and positive attitude; facilitating a smooth transition into the first and second years of teaching; putting theory into practice; preventing teacher isolation; building self-reflection; and retaining quality teachers. All data were categorized into four primary domains: personal, management, instructional, and socialization. The researcher found that mentoring, need-based professional development, and administrative support are critical for effective induction programs. Data were gathered from stakeholders through interviews, focus group discussions and surveys, and were analyzed for frequency of the themed responses.

Recommendations for further research are included based on an analysis of the data revealed in this study. Disaggregation of the data in this study determined support is successful in reducing the attrition rate for beginning teachers in the school system.

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