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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jane King


The purpose of this study was to conduct a program evaluation of a K-5 Gifted Education Program. Program evaluation addressed how well the gifted education program studied met the National Association of Gifted Children standards. In addition, this study included stakeholder perceptions of the current gifted education program K-5.

This program evaluation utilized the Accreditation Approach as well as the Logic Model for program planning and evaluation. Instruments used included surveys, interview groups, and classroom observations. Review of district evidence to address the standards was completed.

Analyses of the data by geographical region of the district studied provided minimal differences between each of the regions regarding the perception of program adherence to the National Gifted Program Standards. Program Evaluation revealed, based on geographical regions within the district, that there is little difference in perception. Program strengths and opportunities for improvement were identified. Data collected based on district evidence provided short, intermediate, and long-term recommendations for the current AIG program based on NAGC standards.

This study will contribute to the body of knowledge related to the evaluation and improvement of gifted education programs based on NAGC program standards.

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