Date of Award

Fall 2022

Document Type

Consultancy Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

Committee Chair

Elizabeth Jones


Leadership development programs have increased over the past 2 decades. Institutions of higher education have found value in giving students the tools to ignite and showcase soft leadership skills such as communication, time management, and self-awareness within the workplace and to gain better employment post-college through leadership development programs. Research shows that students value programs that include workshops and tools from diverse authors and presenters, mentorship, and assistance with connecting with their peers. Leadership development programs are delivered through the curriculum in the classroom, programs designed through student affairs offices or centers, and students engaging in leadership positions on campus, such as resident assistants, Greek life, and student government associations. The Sophie Lanneau Women's Leadership Development Program was developed in the 2000s and was designed to give students the ability to gain leadership skills while attending Meredith College; however, in the past few years, the program was not utilized. This project aimed to redesign the Sophie Lanneau Women's Leadership Development Program to ensure it provides students with relevant information that allows them to grow personally and gives them tools to engage in a diverse world. Research for this project was conducted via interviews and focus groups to understand what leadership skills students and staff want to develop, the program's specific design elements, and how it should be structured.

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