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The purpose of this study was to examine the acute effects of pre-competition massage, dynamic warm-up, combination of massage and a dynamic warm-up, and a placebo ultrasound on vertical jump height performance in collegiate female volleyball athletes. Vertical jump height was selected is a common performance assessment for measuring strength and power in sport, specifically volleyball (Mancinelli et al. 2006). Four different protocols: pre-competition massage (PM), traditional warm-up (WU), combination of a massage and traditional warm-up (CM), and a placebo ultrasound (PU) were administered in a randomized, counterbalanced, repeated measure. Twenty female NCAA Division I, volleyball athletes participated in the current study. Each subject completed each warm-up protocol with a 48-hour gap between training sessions. The Vertec™ unit was used to measure vertical jump displacement (MF Athletic Co. Cranston, RI)

Publication Date

Spring 2021


Boiling Springs, NC


Medicine and Health Sciences | Movement and Mind-Body Therapies | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences

The Effect of Pre-Competition Lower Limb Sport Massage on Vertical Jump Height of Collegiate Female Volleyball Athletes