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According to Sander et al., (2013) a warmup to increase sprint time should include nonspecific running, coordination exercises, stretching, and acceleration runs. According to Zhou et al., (2020), an investigation into multiple studies found that aspects such as arm motion, takeoff angle, standing posture, warm up exercises, and handheld weights improved sprint times. The purpose of this study was to determine how a dynamic warmup compared to a cardio warm up will improve sprint time in trained collegiate D-I athletes. It was hypothesized that with the addition of a broad jump at the end of a standardized dynamic warm up, that trained individuals will show an increased sprint time performance in a 20-yard sprint test compared to a cardio warm up.

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Boiling Springs, NC


Medicine and Health Sciences | Movement and Mind-Body Therapies | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences

The Effects of Cardio Warm Up (CW) and Dynamic Warm Up (DW) on Sprint Time in Trained Individuals