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Lisfranc Injuries (LI) are rare but can be devastating to athletes. LI can be ligamentous, boney or a combination of both that occur in the midfoot, affecting the tarsometatarsal (TMT) joint complex. There are various treatment options for these types of injuries. Some require surgical intervention, which includes primary arthrodesis (PA) and open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF).The purpose of this study was to provide a sports-focused outcomes analysis of PA versus ORIF for LI based on return to sports protocol. It was hypothesized that collegiate female soccer players would return to sports faster with PA when compared with ORIF.

Publication Date

Spring 2021


Boiling Springs, NC


Medicine and Health Sciences | Movement and Mind-Body Therapies | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences

Comparisons of Primary Arthrodesis and Open Reduction and Internal Fixation in Female Collegiate Soccer Players