Antwann McCray



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Football is a sport that requires power to be successful. The broad and vertical jumps are used for talent identification as it relates to power. Increases in range of motion should increase power and therefore better performance on the broad and vertical jumps. This study analyzed dynamic versus static stretching and its effects on jumping performance, determining which had a greater positive effect on performance. This study used skill players from the Gardner-Webb University football team. The participants participated in the study during their off-season training (15 weeks), but their respective stretching protocols were implemented into the training. To determine which stretching protocol was more beneficial, the study looked at percentage of change.

Publication Date

Spring 2021


Boiling Springs, NC


Medicine and Health Sciences | Movement and Mind-Body Therapies | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences

The Effect of Static versus Dynamic Stretching Programs on the Lower Body Power Assessments of the Broad and Vertical Jumps on Male Collegiate Football Players