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Have you watched “Girl vs. Monster” on Disney? If yes, awesome you have a great childhood foundation. If not meet, me in the Tucker Theater and we’ll watch it together. In the movie, the protagonist Skylar is the daughter of two ghost hunters. These ghost hunters capture monsters that cause fear to the human they are attached to. Skylar figures out that that the way to get rid of her monster she must beat her fears. In the same way, we all have our own monsters in life that we must conquer. Some use the acrostic “False Evidence Appearing Real” to define the word fear. This shows how fear can overtake your faith. For some people COVID-19 has been the scariest season of life so far and a test of faith. For Christians, who follow the teachings of the Bible, faith in God’s sovereignty can help us overcome the fears of what the world may bring our way. I sat down with a few students to see how they use their faith to cope with challenging seasons.

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OPINION - Faith Over Fear: Using Your Faith in Times of Uncertainty