Gardner-Webb Review

Submission Process & Requirements

Submission Process:

  • One electronic copy of the manuscript is required for submission (in a version that is compatible with Microsoft Word).
  • Each manuscript should adhere to the documentation style prescribed for its particular discipline. The student should confer with faculty mentor if unsure of appropriate formatting.
  • Notices regarding submission status will be sent out upon submission and editor responses. Editor responses include acceptance of manuscript, request for revision, or additional recommendations for future publishing.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submission Length: Research papers appropriate to this publication usually range between 15-40 pages in length; submissions exceeding 40 pages are still accepted, although very long submissions will be scrupulously reviewed for excess baggage.
  • Faculty Recommendation and Student Autobiography: Please download the following form, complete as directed, and attach to submission.

Questions? Please contact Holly Mabry, Managing Editor, at .