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Fall 2021

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Project – Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Brittany Hudgins-Graham



1. Interventions targeted at improved communication, retention, empowerment, and encouragement will be utilized to enhance the practice environment of incumbent and future nurses in the emergency department. Nurse connectedness will be improved 25% over baseline following implementation of interventions to positively augment practice environment.

2. Patient experience scores in the emergency department will be sustained at benchmark, or greater, following efforts to improve nurse connectedness.

Design: Prospective, single-center, non-randomized, pre- vs. post-

Data Sources: Scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles and texts, results from pre- and post-intervention completion of Utrecht Work Engagement Scale, Press Ganey patient experience scores

Review Methods: Review of patient experience scores for the previous four quarters from Angel Medical Center Emergency Department to establish a baseline. The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale was utilized as the pre- and post- intervention survey, followed by development and completion of a six-session coaching plan outlined through the review StandOut® Strengths. Patient experience scores for the most recent quarter post-intervention were then evaluated for improvement.

Results: A customized coaching intervention based on participant strengths improved engagement in the daily activity of the work of nursing. This was reflected through the improvement in pre- and post-intervention Utrecht Engagement Scale assessments, 2 however, patient experience did not improve secondary to the intervention. There were many compounding factors which the researcher determined impacted patient experience scores.

Conclusions: The use of a coaching intervention, which is customized to the individual, will improve nurse leader connectedness and engagement. When considering the impact to patient experience, long-term, consistency in nurse leader coaching and further future development has to potential to have impact to patient experience and requires further project with continual evaluation and development of program on a larger scale.

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