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Summer 2023

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Project – Full Written

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Yvonne Smith


Nursing programs are intended to prepare nursing students to become competent nurses, that can make decisions to promote positive patient outcomes. However, studies suggest that as students transition into clinical practice, they are still lacking decision-making skills. Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been suggested to improve communication skills, problem-solving, and resilience. The purpose of this project was to enhance the emotional intelligence of Baccalaureate prelicensure nursing students. The PICOT statement was: Can formal EI training combined with interactive EI training, influence EI awareness, knowledge, and skills of baccalaureate nursing students as evidenced by scoring 77% or higher on an EI posttest after completion of the training intervention? The sample population for this project included approximately 115 second-year prelicensure nursing students within a traditional baccalaureate nursing program preparing to transition into clinical practice. Students attended formal EI education in a lecture format as well as interactive training that included role-playing and case studies that allowed students to apply EI skills. Students were also provided with an EI self-assessment to identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses related to EI. Once students attended both the formal and interactive EI training, students participated in a 10-question posttest to evaluate knowledge gained from attending both seminars. The goal was for students to score 77% or higher on the posttest and 98% of the students who participated met the goal of scoring 77% or higher, indicating that the objectives of this project were met. Although the objectives were met, the project revealed that EI education should be introduced to students at the beginning of the program.

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