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Spring 2021

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Candice Rome


Veteran nurses vacate their positions after more than 20 years of nursing experience due to the chronic emotional grief experienced after patient death. Nursing programs lack the curriculum support to sufficiently instruct student nurses how to appropriately deal with patient death. This lack of understanding leads the way for nurses to develop unhealthy coping mechanisms and withdrawing from the profession. A needs assessment was conducted and confirmed the desire and demand for support of nurses experiencing grief. A method was developed to support grieving nurses who are experiencing or will experience grief. A peer support group was established to assist these nurses during times of grief, by sharing strategies to maintain self-care and encourage healthy coping actions. The implementation included minimal financial funding, as an adjunct to Code Lavender, through a TEAM’S platform monthly meeting. Use of TEAMS allows nurses to listen and obtain information while remaining anonymous, from a computer of choice and location. The information and shared stories by peers would be invaluable to the nursing population.

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