Emily Corbett

Date of Award

Spring 2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Committee Chair

Yvonne H. Smith


This project discusses the implementation of Obstetric Enhanced Recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol for cesarean section patients scheduled or emergent. The goal of this project was to ensure the best possible outcomes from surgery for obstetric patients by decreasing surgical site infection rates in order to decrease maternal mortality rates. It provides protocols preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively for surgical procedures. Key steps take place in each phase of surgical care to impact patient outcomes. The protocol includes shorter NPO times, decreased surgical stress through multi-modal approaches for pain and nausea, early mobility, and reduces the length of stay. OB ERAS protocol decreases surgical site infections, decreases maternal mortality rates, and increases patient experiences.

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