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Summer 2020

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Sharon Creed-Hall


Due to the decreased staff and patient satisfaction on one post-operative unit, the author has developed a project plan to establish a unit specific Self Governance (SG) committee to improve staff and patient satisfaction. One SG committee and two councils will be formed giving all staff the opportunity to be a voice for change on their unit. The committee is focused on building and maintaining each council. One council will focus on staff satisfaction and one council will focus on patient satisfaction. The progress and outcomes of each committee and council will be evaluated in three ways: staff surveys, patient surveys, and data pulled from the patient charting systems. The cost for this SG project is less than $5,000 each year. Benefits of a successful SG include increased staff retention, staff knowledge, patient outcomes. If successful, this SG project can lay the foundation for SG throughout the entire hospital system.

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