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Spring 2023

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Kathy Williams


Healthcare costs, including the costs of surgery, are very expensive for patients. The operating room is a huge source of income and expenses for hospitals. In the operating room, there is room for improvement to improve efficiency as well as decrease the costs for patients and healthcare systems without harming patient care. By decreasing turnover time, increasing first case on-time starts, and better preparing for the daily flow in the operating room, there is a proposed cost saving. This project proposal will address methods to decrease turnover time between surgical cases. It will also target improvement in first case start times and improvement in preparation for daily flow of case progression in the operating room. Evaluation of the proposed changes will be evaluated after 6 months of implementation to monitor if there has, in fact, been an improvement in operating room efficiency. Again, the overall goal of the proposal is to improve the efficiency of the operating room to better serve patients.

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