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Spring 2022

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Candice Rome


This project is intended to be an example of the affects on the nursing work environment after years of technological advancement, healthcare reform, and process improvement. The bedside nurse work environment is riddled with a multitude of interruptions, intricate processes, and complicated documentation to prove quality care and compliance to regulatory agencies and for tracking purposes. These demands are significant as nurses are continuously reprioritizing work to meet the needs of the patient while also meeting the organizational and regulatory demands. The demands on nurses often lead to delays in patient care and sometimes omission of certain less acute patient care needs. This omission of patient care needs is misaligned with the role of a nurse as a helping profession. This, in conjunction with the repetitive documentation, tasks, technology troubleshooting, and other daily frustrations leads to a lack of accomplishment for the nurse and a less than optimal patient care experience. The goal of this project was to exemplify some stresses that often go unnoticed during the daily work of a nurse. Personal data during 12-hour shifts was collected to examine medication administration demands, interruptions due to phone advancements, order reviews during a shift, and physical walking demands. These findings are some of the stressors that are difficult to capture by nonclinical observers and may help identify areas in need of further investigation and improvement.

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