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Summer 2022

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Erin Montgomery


The project examined the standard birthing process for low-risk, natural labor, and births at healthcare facilities. All deliveries should not be treated the same with the supine-lithotomy birthing position or over-medicalized, obstetric practices, as evidence-based research advises against such practices. The goal of the project intended to deviate from standard birthing practices and implement alternative, evidence-supported birthing options at healthcare facilities. The goal of promoting alternative, evidence-supported birthing options in healthcare facilities by maternity staff, would come after thoroughly educating maternity staff and providers with intel and benefits affiliated with alternative birthing options. Evidence reveals alternative birthing options, such as upright birthing positions, shorten labor duration and facilitate the natural process of vaginal births. Properly educating maternity staff to promote alternative birthing options, supported by evidence-based research, for low-risk, natural births, will improve patient satisfaction scores as evidence suggest mothers preferred a birthing experience with minimal obstetric and medical interventions.

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