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Summer 2022

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Tina H. Lewis


This project assumes the purpose of defining, reviewing, and performing a three-part activity to alleviate some fraction of a detrimental disorder that has plagued the nursing profession for years identified as nurse burnout. This debilitating stress induced by burnout can lead to decreased job satisfaction. If burnout is left unchecked, it may result in nurses leaving the profession altogether. The meaningful results, if realized, will be presented to the administrative leaders to implement changes as they see fit. The goals are to see positive results translate into interventions by the hospital that will, over time, increase job satisfaction for every employee which then will hold benefits for clients, employees, and administrators, all stakeholders in a successful project. A secondary impact will include an improvement in the hospital's economic situation. A successful project with remarkable results will highlight and illuminate a negative force in the lives of contemporary caregivers that carries with it reactionary effects on the clients that they care for. Under this illumination, the results can be replicated to counteract the referenced negative force. There are three steps to this project. The first is to look at one aspect of the nursing interaction with the EMR, the admission data entry set. The second is to educate the entire facility workforce on policy and procedure and interact with the administration on making those policies and procedures a living document. The third is to use voice-assisted data entry to make bedside care more efficient and effective.

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