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Fall 2022

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Cindy Miller


The United States of America’s military involvement in conflict is at one of its lowest points in over 2 decades. This presents a challenge for members of the military medical force to maintain the medical readiness skills they are expected to be proficient at in a moment’s notice to care for casualties in the nation’s next crisis or conflict. In addition to other pre-established methods, this project seeks to provide a unit-level training opportunity for Air Force active-duty medical members such as those in the United States Indo-Pacific region to practice certain medical readiness skills while continuing their steady-state daily operations. The ultimate goal of this project is for participating members to be practicing and verbalizing confidence in their ability to perform skills that would be expected of them throughout the Air Force en route patient care process. A quarterly training day that includes two scenarios will afford participants the opportunity to practice their Trauma Combat Casualty Care, triage, and aircraft loading and unloading skill in a high-threat simulated combat environment. Effectiveness of the training will be evaluated by a standardized evaluator skills checklist as well as a participant pre and post survey.

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