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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doug Eury


This dissertation was designed to examine and evaluate the effectiveness of a Ninth-Grade Transition Program at a Rural High School in Central North Carolina. The ninth grade is a pivotal year that determines which students will prevail and which students will fail to finish high school (Hertzog, 2003). It is essential that schools put in place components that ease the transition into high school and provide ongoing support.

Investigation measuring instruments used by the researcher included a two-part student survey and focus groups involving students in the ninth grade and those teachers who teach in the ninth grade. The data collected from both instruments was tabulated and common themes were identified. Results indicated that the practices in place in their school had a positive impact on student behavior and their attitude towards school.

Recommendations for further research included (a) continue with a multi-year study to increase validity and identify trends or patterns; (b) conduct research to determine parental perceptions of the transition process; and (c) involve other high schools in the district to gain additional data to establish significance.

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