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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doug Eury


This case study examined the impact of small class size using small group instruction with ability grouping for early literacy intervention. In this study, data were analyzed to determine the impact small class size, paired with small group instruction for intervention, had on students in terms of attaining grade-level proficiency standards. DIBELS data and facilitator interviews were analyzed from first and second grade intervention and traditional classes to determine the effectiveness of small class size and ability grouping for students to achieve grade-level proficiency in literacy. Results show that using direct instruction in small groups with Title I inclusion helped students grow in their reading abilities by increasing their self-efficacy. The percentage of first-grade students reaching grade-level proficiency was much higher than that of second-grade students. Interventions were successful; however, it appeared that second-grade students were much further behind in attaining grade-level proficiency.

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