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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jeffrey Hamilton


The goal of any organization is to find cost efficient marketing strategies to promote their business. Project CEMS provided a template for the partnering organization to utilize for the improvement of their customer service and public image. This marketing plan consisted of four distinct yet coinciding stages, each focusing on the goals of the project. In Stage I, an interactive website was built to provide potential clientele with essential company information. During Stage II, high impact and detail oriented presentation packets were created. The focus of Stage III was on customer care which included correspondence, branded promotional items, satisfaction survey, and appreciation dinners. Stage IV consisted of providing company employees with the opportunity to participate in community service projects. Challenges arose in Stage I during the launch of the website and the social media component. The main challenge was that additional time was needed to become familiar with the website server and the particulars of establishing social media accounts. Allowing sufficient time for this process can easily rectify the issue. The greatest strength of this marketing plan is that it can be implemented in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

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