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Jeffrey Hamilton


The purpose of the Consultancy Project was to help move the organization forward as they stabilized their operations. The nonprofit is a vocational rehabilitation facility located in the southeastern United States. The pseudonym is “Better than Good,” referred to as BTG. Their mission is to provide employment and training opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment. Better than Good has been in existence for 30 years and has experienced some operational and fiscal challenges the last few years. As a result of the challenges, all the energy and focus by the Board of Directors and staff was placed on governance and oversight.

The primary objective was to understand the organization’s brand value and provide the board and executive leadership with tangible solutions that could be implemented in the short term, while helping to transform them into a sustainable culture of growth and development. The consultancy focused on several areas including board policy review, committee structures, resource development, fundraising, and business partnerships. The challenges of executing the consultancy project included transforming the board from governance to development through the implementation of policy changes and new standing committee structures. Identifying financial resources for a new staff member to focus on community resource partnerships was also a challenge.

While challenging, the results of the consultancy project included several successes, including the hiring of a community resource officer to focus on resource development and business partnerships. A grant writing resource was also identified to assist with with state and federal grants and the development of an annual fundraiser. The success of the project has been quantified by the organization to have a forecasted year one impact of ~ $150k and a 3-year impact of ~ $600k.

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