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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Jennifer Putnam


This study addressed the increasing attrition and migration of teachers from middle school classrooms. The study also sought to determine to what extent specific research-based factors motivated teachers to remain in the middle school classroom. An explanatory sequential mixed-methods design was used in this study. The first portion of the study included quantitative and qualitative data collection through the administration of an online survey instrument. Survey data results were utilized to create and modify questions used to gather additional qualitative data during the administration of two focus groups. This study found a positive school climate, administrative support, and collegiality to be essential factors to increase teacher retention in middle school classrooms. Additional factors motivating teachers to remain in middle school classrooms gathered from qualitative data were the ability to have a positive impact on student lives and receiving professional development to address the unique needs of individual teachers. The study noted the impact administrative support, collegiality, and family/community support had on the creation of a positive school climate as well as the effect these factors have on a teacher’s ability to positively impact student lives. The study also noted the need for professional development designed to address the needs of individual teachers. Recommendations to increase teacher retention in middle school classrooms are provided along with the study’s implications for future research.

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