This study will focus on biblical texts and Hebrew cultural evidence to assert that Christian education in the home was mandated by God as a function of parental leadership (Anthony, 2006; Birch, 1983; Bunge, 2008; Cox, 2006; French, 2013; Hall, 1981; Van Niekerk & Breed, 2018). An examination of the biblical text will support the claim that faith development was intended to begin with the relationship between parents and their children (Gaebelein, 1976; Walton, 2001; Knight, 2006). By considering the role of the parents and the educational environment of the home as the original organizational design for equipping the next generation of the Christian faith, this study will contextually bridge the biblical and cultural presuppositions regarding the Christian education of children to propose more stable practices for faith development generation to generation (Gunton, 2002; Pettit, 2008; Estep et al., 2008).


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