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Summer 2022

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

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Candice Rome


This project is based on the problem of nursing competence and confidence within medical emergency and rapid response scenarios. This problem affects all patients, but specifically the medical-surgical patient population of which rapid assessment and intervention can lead to a change in patient mortality. The goal of the project is to use simulation, a common tool in undergraduate nursing education, to improve nursing competence and confidence after participation. The nurses will be cycled through three simulated scenarios, followed by a debriefing, and then moved to the next simulation. The nurses’ performance will be evaluated using evaluator checklists for each of the three simulated scenarios by the implementation members. The nurses will also complete pre- and post-evaluation surveys to score personal competence and confidence on a Likert Scale. The surveys will be analyzed and compared to determine if scores on each question contain a significant difference.

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