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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Barbara Zwadyk


This study aimed to examine teachers’ perceptions of technology and its impact on their lesson planning and implementation as well as student learning in a one-to-one iPad environment. While student achievement was an intended goal of the initiative, the evolving role of the teacher within this environment had a potentially large impact on its success in meeting all learners’ needs. Much of the research surrounding instructional technology and its impact relates to defining and measuring students’ success, leaving the critical role of the teacher with little to no data. The research surrounding this study brought to light a variety of factors that could impact the pedagogical work of teachers in a technology-rich setting such as that of the case studied here.

A case study of the school was selected in order to tell the stories of the teachers involved in the one-to-one iPad program. Survey and interview questions were adapted to support the theoretical framework of the research and the research questions that guided this work. Responses to those questions, along with reporting and analysis of baseline and archival data, were used collectively in order to explain the unique case at the school. This study sought to provide insight into the perceptions of the impact of this initiative on both teaching and learning through the ubiquitous access to mobile devices such as the iPad. Implications of the results of this study were intended to be utilized for continuous research on the pedagogy in one-to-one programs, on how technology integration influences teachers’ lesson planning and implementation.

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