Instructional Modules for Professional learning Responding to Opportunities and Valuing Educators (IMPROVE)



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The purpose of this adaptive VPLM is to familiarize educators with how to design online learning to encourage student engagement. The VPLM is designed for secondary education or higher education professionals. The VPLM features three levels geared toward varying ability and comfort levels of educators with designing online learning. Glickman et al. (2018) highlighted the importance of offering differentiated choices to adult learners. Participants are encouraged to complete one or more levels based on their comfort and ability with designing online learning to improve their online learning environments and foster increased student engagement. Each level requires a different amount of time to complete, and the total number of hours for each level is reflected on each page. Participants can complete the VPLM at one time or in multiple sessions. The pre-assessment and educator scenarios are highlighted at the start of the VPLM to help participants determine which level to navigate first.

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Designing Online Learning to Increase Student Engagement